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Outfit | Same dress, different look

Published on: August 29, 2013 at: 6:38 pm


outfit_street_style_hat_dress_4Photo/Janka Polliani.
Wearing heels from Bik Bok, dress from Cathrine Hammel, second hand coat, bag from Decadent, watch from Guess and hat from Lindex.

Den temperaturen som er ute nå er i mine øyne helt perfekt. Varmt nok til å lufte bena og kaldt nok til å finne frem igjen ulljakker og strikk. Jeg elsker store overdeler til elegante kjoler og korte skjørt!

This in between weather that’s going on right now is perfect in my eyes. Naked legs are no problem, but you can also wear a big coat or a knitted sweater. I just love oversized tops combined with elegant dresses and short skirts!


Comments (16)

  1. I love the look of the beige coat, grey hat and dress from Cathrine Hammel. Very classy.

    1. Thank you so much! Really glad you liked it :)

  2. Just perfect!!

  3. lika fint som alltid!

  4. Super beautiful outfit. Love your coat!

    – Dani

  5. Oh so gorgeous, love it!

  6. Dette var virkelig fantastisk, Sara! Perfekt!

    1. Tusen takk Karn <3

  7. The dress is great,but so is that coat and those shoes! Perfect!


  8. Love the colours! Very Autumnal

  9. Simple,classic with the clean lines. Perfect as always

    1. Thank you so much! Really glad you liked it.

  10. Wow! Helt fantastisk :)

  11. Så ufattelig fin du er Sara :)
    Perfekt look!

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